In 2014, 28 year-old American expat Dan Brotman approached Investec, an international specialist banking and asset management group, with a concept proposal of taking South Africa’s top emerging entrepreneurs on a business exposure trip to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The pilot trip resulted in new international business opportunities for the entrepreneurs, and Dan and Investec wound up taking 100 entrepreneurs to the region over the following year. Dan and Investec formalised the partnership and established En-novate in 2016.

Dan and his team of self-defined global citizens are passionate about futuristic business trends, the experience economy and off the beaten path travel. They curate international immersion and leadership development experiences that aim to change the way people think about doing business, and expose them to a multitude of commercial and learning opportunities all over the world.

Mission and Vision

We believe in harnessing the benefits of globalisation and taking full advantage of the world becoming more connected.

We help organisations do this by curating unique sector-specific immersion experiences to a variety of innovative cities around the world. No two En-novate experiences are alike, and all trip content is tailor-made to ensure that we expose our participants to the right people in the right organisations.

Those who benefit from our experiences include corporate teams, their top clients and entrepreneurs on business immersion trips to centres of excellence around the world. We provide an end-to-end experience, taking care of everything from content to logistics, enabling our participants to experience a seamless week of deep learning.

We give our participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, grow their networks and explore global opportunities.


Investec Corporate Social Investment Young Entrepreneurs Trip to Silicon Valley, USA

Investec Private Bank & Private Capital Client Immersion Trip to Israel