Types of Participants

En-novate experiences focus primarily on the following three groups of business people:

Corporate Teams:

  • Helps executive teams gain practical insight into the future of their industry across divisions, ensuring that participants interact with thought leaders and innovators in their sector.
  • Ensures that futuristic strategies and leadership are developed within the business.
  • Creates the space for valuable time to be spent together as a team, strengthening relationships and sharing experiences to create more collegial cohesion.


Top Clients:

  • Builds powerful client loyalty and develops high- impact relationships.
  • Generates new business opportunities as the result of spending a week with your top-tier and prospective clients.
  • Positions your business as an innovation leader in the market.
  • Differentiates your company from competitors’ traditional relationship management activities.



  • Builds brand loyalty with up-and-coming entrepreneurs within your sector, allowing for possible partnership, supplier development and investment opportunities.
  • Exposes emerging entrepreneurs to cutting edge innovation and best international practices, giving them the mindset to be more globally competitive.
  • Can count towards Enterprise and Supplier Development spend on B-BBEE scorecard for South African companies.